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From the time I arrived to when I saw the doctor was 15 minutes. Dr. Hoer was absolutely fantastic! He explained everything to me in a language I could understand, gave me options, and did not rush through the appointment. One of the things that truly impressed me was he looked at me the entire time while an assistant typed into the computer. All the staff at the institute was cordial and carrying. Good job!

Denise F.

Dr. Hoer and his team are unquestionably as good as it gets. Having to deal with a broken ankle or any ailment for that matter can be fearful. This team gave me the highest level of attention throughout and as a result I have total confidence in my healing and recovery. Rarely does an experience affect you in such a way but I've been looking forward to writing this review and others since, because it stood out on such a level, recognition is warranted. Thank you Dr. Hoer and your wonderful team for doing an exceptional job and moving people like me beyond the fear and well down the road to recovery. Count on my recommendation and gratitude eternally. Sincerely, Zach

Zach V.

I get great and considerate care for my "bone and joint" needs. Dr. Tait is incredible.

Mike E.

Excellent physicians and staff!!!

Danni B.

Awesome staff and nurses made my surgery a lot easier.

Kirk H.

I had a complete left hip replacement done in December of 2015 by Dr. Hoer. He had come highly recommended through personal references, and now I'm happy to say I can also give him the highest references. He and his staff were very attentive and cordial. The surgery was explained in detail so there would be no surprises. The treatment I received at the hospital after surgery was more like a 5 star resort. In all, I was totally pleased with my results, and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Orthopedic Institute of Henderson.

Dolores M.

Dr. Hoer has treated my children and then he gave me new life with two rotator cuff repairs and a torn miniscus repair. I can now hold my grand babies in my arms and walk without pain. Thank you Dr. Hoer and staff for making my life better! He is a good listener and explains the condition of the injury, the possible solutions for best outcome. Aftercare was also outstanding.

Lisa S.

Very happy with what the staff did especially Jana to get the procedure thru our insurance. Thank you.

Dela D. L.

Two knee surgeries by Dr. Hoer over the past 5 years (one on each knee), and numerous office visits. Dr. Hoer and staff are the very best, and have my undying gratitude for the kindness and skill that have made this all bearable.

Captain M.

Dr. Tait is the best knee and hip surgeon in Las Vegas.

Sherri S.
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